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Here are some of our most popular options.

Reflector™ Enhancer

REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Floors are designed and engineered for both commercial and residential areas. This system is ideal for retail and hospitality environments as well, as they are completely seamless, long-lasting and VOC Free, providing a hygienic and easy to maintain floor.

Decorative Concrete Overlay 

Decorative Concrete Overlays are engineered as a surface repair that increases the strength of the concrete substrate when installed. With virtually unlimited designs and color options, you can create a customized finish for any space.


HERMETIC™ Flake Flooring Systems are a durable, seamless, chemical resistant floor that provide adjustable levels of slight texture and color to match any design theme or surrounding.

Other Systems

The following systems are tailored according to specific areas of use.


Interior and Exterior 


Retail and Commercial 

 Exterior of Commercials Buildings,
Commercial Office, and  Retail Stores 



Chemical Resistant, Sensitive Electronics and Warehouse 


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